How we complement your permanently employed team.

Sebastian Texter
Sebastian Texter

The starting point for our services are your needs and challenges. So we thought ourselves into you and came to the following points (are we right?):

– it usually takes a long time to find the right developers (for permanent positions and in DACH)

– it is hard to keep the really good developers permanently (others offer more money and maybe less work)

downward fluctuations in orders force me to use reserves to maintain my team

upward fluctuations in orders often cause me to overwork my team because I can’t find more developers fast enough.

Of course, these are just some of your “pain points“, as the saying goes ­čÖé

What is the solution from our point of view?

– in general we are not outsourcers (“kick your team out, we’ll bring you Indians for 10 EUR an hour” ­čÖé

– because by now everyone knows – we’ve heard stories … – that this is more a recipe for problems than a solution

– instead we say: Quality is created where permanent teams are combined with remote developers from abroad

– i.e. we come into play whenever you are looking for a developer but can’t get him/her fast enough OR at the level you need OR cheap enough.

– we will then suggest candidates to you within approx. 10 days, who can start at short notice after your interviews and assignment

Want to learn more? Then book a meeting with me at a time that works for you: https://app.hubspot.com/meetings/stexter

or write to me: sebastian.texter@GoInsourcing.com

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