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Hardware team for Medical devices

5 people
2 years
Altium: custom PCB design

The leading international manufacturer of prosthetics – OTTOBOCK from Germany – has acquired our client, an innovative company in Sweden. The Swedes develop products for patients suffering from muscle atrophy. Their products use electricity to stimulate muscle growth. Our task was to develop the circuits to control the devices as well as the control software.

Full-stack Team for a Microsoft Partner

5 people
2+ years
.NET Core

Our customer in southern Germany is a Microsoft partner specialising in Office 365 and Sharepoint. On this basis, the company offers individual solutions for its customers. Our team of front-end and back-end developers provides the software power.

We help a start-up to realise its potential

10 people
2+ years

We love projects like this one, because it’s when we’re most crucial to a company’s success: a founding team of two students in the US had the idea to gain entrepreneurial experience during their studies while earning credits. We programmed this idea into a product, a web and mobile application. This product is now in use at several US universities.

Consulting and software development for a growing service investment

7+ people
3+ years
Services we provided:
Customising Soft

The investor and owner of Messerli Services is pursuing a consolidation strategy in the commercial cleaning sector in Switzerland. This means that companies in the same sector are gradually being acquired. As consultants and software developers, we create the IT basis to 1) quickly integrate further companies and 2) realise the economies of scale of acquisitions.

Handling processes for thousands of event-participants

7 people
1+ years
React Native

Our client is a young company that has done everything right and has grown tremendously in a short period of time. They offer graduation trips to Croatia with a full programme. As is often the case, they started with Excel spreadsheets, which quickly reached its limits. Using the low-code/no-code solution “Ninox”, we created a robust backend and programmed the interface between the travellers and the individual event providers (hotels, parties, restaurants, etc.) with a mobile app. Now the real growth is coming!

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