The team behind
the GoInsourcing

Our mission is to empower businesses by seamlessly integrating world-class remote developers from around the world to provide innovative, cost-effective software solutions. In doing so, we create a collaborative and enjoyable working environment for all involved.

Sebastian Texter

After completing his business degree, Sebastian gained international experience and quickly became an entrepreneur.

Networking and business development are his forte.

Benjamin Heinke

Benjamin is a smart guy: very personable and very good as a software developer and tech lead.

He comes from Germany and has been living in Toronto with his family for several years. He speaks 5 languages!

Mirco Bartels

Tech Lead
Mirco has extensive experience in complex web and app projects, especially for international clients.

He masterfully leads our major software developments.

Lukas Sontheimer

Project Manager
Lukas, a true smart-ass, started working with us already during his IT-Management studies.

He skillfully manages customer projects, such as implementing digitalization strategies.


Project Manager
Philea is the ideal project manager, boasting extensive technical knowledge.

She seamlessly coordinates tasks, ensures deadlines are met, and fosters productive collaboration between clients and developers.

Jasmin Richter

Jasmin is an invaluable team member, known for her rapid thinking and efficient execution.

Sie sorgt für Struktur, Verlässlichkeit und Organisation im Finanzbereich und trägt damit wesentlich zu unserem Erfolg bei.

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Profit from our entrepreneurial approach

We are entrepreneurs first and foremost. For us, developing software is always about helping to achieve entrepreneurial goals. For us and for you.

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Retain Employees

Reduce Costs

Increase Profits

Drive Innovations

Our Superpower:

Global Talent Meets Local Expertise

By integrating remote developers from around the world into your team, GoInsourcing gives you access to a rich talent pool that ensures the right expertise for every project.

Flexibility and Scalability at Your Fingertips

You can easily grow or shrink your team as needed with GoInsourcing’s flexible experts. Stay agile and adapt to changing project requirements. As a complement to your permanent team.

Company History


We have developed a new company name that corresponds to our internationalisation strategy. Kirsch & Kern is now called GoInsourcing.


The COVID 19 pandemic has paved the way for increased digitisation. Our company has expanded its capabilities to support our clients in this transformation.


We have opened an office in Minsk and directly employ remote developers there. At the same time, we take on the implementation of complete development projects as well as the placement of developers.


With the experience and contacts of our IT JobTempomeetings, we have started to place software developers working remotely from abroad.


Our company hosted its first IT Job Tempomeeting; an efficient event to connect young software professionals with potential employers. Between 2012 and 2019, around 4,000 participants have taken part.


Sebastian Texter (founder of Kirsch & Kern and GoInsourcing) was the first to adapt and optimise the speed dating format for the professional sector. The name of the new event: Tempomeeting.

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